Financial Documents

Strategic Plan

The Cortese-Knox-hertzberg Act requires LAFCos to establish policies and procedures in guiding their prescribed regulatory and planning duties and responsibilities. Government Code Section 56300 specifies that LAFCos regularly review and update their policies and procedures as necessary to remain responsive to the needs of affected communities in informing and producing planned and orderly municipal growth and development. This statute, pertinently, encourages LAFCos to establish specific and strategic goals and objectives in fulfilling their duties and responsibilities consistent with local condtions and circumstances.


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Marin LAFCo Commissioners

Marin LAFCo Commissioners receive a stipend of $125 per regular meeting of the Commission for time and attendance. Alternate members receive an equal stipend for attending regular or special meetings irrespective of voting status. Stipends are also provided to members in the following cases and in lieu of claiming reimbursements for actual expenses:

  • Each day of attendance at standing or ad hoc Commission committee meetings. Commissioners shall not receive more than five stipends per month. 

Marin LAFCo Staff

LAFCo staff participates in standard benefit programs administered by the County of Marin. It is the intention of the Commission to provide its employees with pay and benefits directly comparable to equivalent positions in the County's employment classification system.
Staff compensation is shown in the table below.
Position Annual Salary
Executive Officer (Full Time)
Commission Clerk (30 Hours Per Week)