Water Service Study

About Municipal Service Reviews

State law directs LAFCOs to regularly prepare municipal service reviews in conjunction with establishing and updating each local agency's sphere of influence with the former representing the Legislature's version of urban growth boundaries. LAFCOs may also prepare municipal service reviews irrespective of establishing or updating spheres for purposes of informing future planning and/or regulatory actions. The legislative intent of the municipal service review and its five-year cycle requirement is to proactively inform LAFCOs with regard to the availability and sufficiency of governmental services provided within their respective jurisdictions for purposes of facilitating efficient and accountable growth and development. Municipal service reviews vary in scope and can focus on a particular agency, service, or geographic region as defined by LAFCO. Municipal service reviews culminate with LAFCOs adopting written determinations on a rage of prescribed service and governance factors and highlighted by addressing infrastructure needs and deficiencies, growth projections, and financial solvency.

About This Study

With the preceding preface in mind, Marin LAFCO has begun work on a countywide study on public water service focusing on both potable (domestic) and non potable (recycle) providers. The underlying aim of the study - and consistent with the municipal service review directive established by the Legislature - is for Marin LAFCO to independently assess the relationship between supply, demand, and capacity in advantageously meeting community needs as determined by the membership and relative to the agency's prescribed growth management interests. Markedly, recommendations and related information generated from the study is statutorily intended to (a) guide subsequent sphere of influence updates, (b) inform future boundary changes, and - if deemed appropriate - (c) engender reorganization actions. Public agencies included in the study follow:
An adopted scope of analysis is guiding the preparation of the study and is organized into five distinct and sequential phases. Public comments and or questions are welcome and encourage to assist in the course of preparing the study to assist the agency in understanding local community interests and needs as it relates to the current and future provision of water service in Marin County. Towards this end, this page will be continuously updated with documents as they are prepared and will be listed below in chronological order. Any and all comments on the water study should be directed to LAFCO Executive Officer Keene Simonds by email.

Study Documents