Change of Organization Proposal

Marin LAFCo is responsible for approving all proposed changes of organization involving cities, towns, and special districts in Marin County.  Marin LAFCo may approve or disapprove proposed changes of organization with or without amendments consistent with its written policies and procedures.  Marin LAFCo may also condition its approval as long as it does not directly regulate land use, property development, or subdivision requirements.  Changes of organization – which are also referred to as reorganization should they involve two or more distinct actions – include all of the following:

·         Annexations (Cities, Towns, and Districts)
·         Detachments (Cities, Towns, and Districts)
·         Consolidations (Cities, Towns, and Districts)
·         Incorporations and Dissolutions (Cities and Towns)
·         Formations, Dissolutions, Mergers (Districts)
·         Activation of Latent Powers/Elimination of Existing Powers (Districts)
An applicant proposing a change of organization may be a property owner, registered voter, or local agency. Marin LAFCo may also serve as the applicant for certain actions involving special districts.  Documents required to file a change of organization within each of these categories are listed below.