Outside Service Extension Request

Marin LAFCo is responsible for approving requests by cities, towns, and special districts to provide new or extended municipal services, such as water and wastewater, outside their jurisdictional boundaries by contract or agreement with landowners less certain statutory exemptions as determined by the Commission.   This process is intended to accommodate the logical extension of municipal services when annexation of the affected territory is not available or appropriate relative to local conditions.    Consistent with adopted policies all requests to authorize cities, towns, or special districts to provide new or extended services outside their jurisdictional boundaries shall conform to the following procedures.
  • Requests shall be made only by the affected agency and through their appointed director/manager and filed with the Executive Officer. 
  • Joint requests by two or more affected agencies are permitted.
  • Requests shall be made in letter form addressed to the Executive Officer and include all of the following information.
  • A list of all addresses and/or parcel numbers comprising the subject territory along with the accompanying zoning assignments made by the applicable land use authority;
  • A description of how the applying agency would provide the proposed new or extend service to the subject territory.  This includes any       infrastructure or facility improvements and associated funding requirements necessary to provide service to the subject territory; and
  • Any information or associated findings made pursuant to the California Environmental Quality Act.  
  • Appropriate filing fee.