Municipal Service Reviews

Municipal service reviews were a centerpiece to the Cortese-Knox-Hertzberg Local Government Reorganization Act of 2001 and are comprehensive studies of the availability, range, and performance of governmental services provided within a defined geographic area.   LAFCos generally prepare municipal service reviews to explicitly inform subsequent sphere determinations.  LAFCos also prepare municipal service reviews irrespective of making any specific sphere determinations in order to obtain and furnish information to contribute to the overall orderly development of local communities.  Municipal service reviews vary in scope and can focus on a particular agency or governmental service.   LAFCos may use the information generated from municipal service reviews to initiate other actions under their authority, such as forming, consolidating, or dissolving one or more local agencies.   All municipal service reviews – regardless of their intended purpose – culminate with LAFCos preparing written statements addressing seven specific service factors listed under G.C. Section 56430.  This includes, most notably, infrastructure needs or deficiencies, growth and population trends, and financial standing.   The seven mandated service factors are summarized in the following table.

​Study Schedule 
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