Marin Local Agency Formation Commission

Planning Agency / Subdivision of the State of California

Marin County Parks and Open Space District



Kallie Bechler-LaFleche
Marin County Parks Department
3501 Civic Center Drive
San Rafael, CA  94903
Phone:  (415) 473-7809


Governing Board

The Parks and Open Space Commission is administered by the County of Marin and governed by a seven-member Board of Directors selected to two-year terms.  Members shall be representative of the entire county, shall be geographically diverse, and shall be nominated and appointed by the Board of Supervisors.
Membership and expiration dates:
Raphael Durr - June 2015
Larry Kennings - June 2015
David Ross - June 2015
Shelly Scott - June 2016
Dennis Scremin - June 2016
Greg Zitney - June 2015



To advise the Board of Supervisors regarding parks and open space policy, and to conduct public hearings on parks and open space matters considered for recommendation to the Board of Supervisors.

About Open Space Districts: 

Under Section 5500 et seq. State Public Resources Code an open-space district may develop and maintain a system of public parks, playgrounds, golf courses, beaches, trails, natural areas, ecological and open space preserves, parkways, scenic drives, boulevards and other facilities for public recreation.
Three or more cities together with any parcels of city or county territory may form an open-space district. A district may include territory in more than one county but the territory must be contiguous. Each district is divided into five or seven sub-districts. The governing board is an elected board of one member from each sub-district.